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When I write, I write what I think. Sometimes I think something sucks and other people love it. Other times they think it sucks and I love it. The world would be a really boring place if we all liked the same things. Anyway that means the views expressed in the articles published on this website are mine alone (that’s me – Louise Reynolds -the author). Other people or the organisations that I write about don’t necessarily share my opinions. So you shouldn’t take anything I write as an endorsement by anyone else. And another thing – the information provided in my articles is sometimes based on personal experience or what I’ve been told by other people including tour guides, taxi drivers and fellow travellers. I do my best to verify information but I can’t guarantee that it is always 100% accurate. If I’ve included information about tourist attractions such as the price of entry and opening hours, that’s based on what it was when I visited. That might have been a while ago and these things can change. You should probably check for yourself before heading out.

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I really like receiving comments and feedback on my work. It’s great to know that someone has noticed it!  You’re welcome to post your feedback in the comments section on any page. But please remember that nobody likes a bully and nobody likes rudeness. That includes me. So I moderate all the comments before they get published. If you post to my site I expect you to keep it nice. Please use civil and respectful language in your posts. If you want to abuse me or anybody else, you’ll be wasting your energy. I’m going to ignore you. Your comments won’t be published and you’ll get blocked. Pretty simple really.

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